Nicholas started freemantle fitness over 10 years ago and has a vast experience in every area of the industry. He started working for Virgin Active as a Lifestyle Consultant while completing his studies. He was promoted to fitness manager at the age of just 19, which gave him the invaluable experience needed to understand the inner workings and requirements of a gym as well as to run a successful personal training business, which today continues to thrive. While running his personal training business he qualified as a Master Trainer specializing in TRX, Boxing Instructor, Kettle Bells, Primal Movements, SAQ, TRX Rip Trainer, Sand bags, Aqua bags, Group Exercise skills, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Power Plate and Online Personal Training.  


In 2014 he made top 10 in Life Fitness's Global Personal Trainer to Watch competition, a first for Africa.

His methodology lies in mobilizing and stabilizing joints, opening up range of motion to avoid future injuries, building a strong cardiovascular base and correcting posture by strengthening your core. Before we get to your aesthetic goals, we need to ensure you will be training injury free for the rest of your life. This training method has many benefits such as: weight management and stress relief through dynamic mobility, functional training, body weight training and boxing. It's all about having fun and getting results at the same time. Nobody sticks to anything they don't enjoy. Love your training again!