Hate the secret inner feeling of slowly losing your manhood but just can't prioritize yourself? Is your physical/mental health affecting your marriage or relationship with your children? You’re not alone!


If you:

  • Will face any fear

  • Will do what you don’t want to do but NEED to do

  • Are ready to create a healthy lifestyle

  • Want to make your family proud of you

  • Want to feel 10 years younger

  • Want your wife to fall in love with you again

  • Want to prolong your lifespan

  • Realize your full potential and want to live up to it

  • Recognize your light but has let fear and stress steal it from you

BUT you don't exactly know what to do/where to start so you struggle with consistency...KEEP READING, it's not by accident you're reading this...this short post can be a turning point in your life:

Simon Sinek once said this about consistency: “What does brushing your teeth for 2 minutes achieve? Absolutely nothing unless you do it twice a day, every day. It is the consistency. The accumulation of brushing your teeth day after day that protects them and prevents them from falling out.” I use the same simple but powerful principle in my transformation program that is focused on helping men who want to regain their power, have more energy, feel more confidant and release their light into the world.

Introducing the Fearless Fathers Flagship Program…make yourself stronger than your excuses!


What you're going to get in this 3 month transformation program:

1. The Fearless Fathers Flagship Program: Can’t find time to get to the gym? Or do you simply travel too much to stick to a program? These short but specific workouts are focused on functional, natural movements using body weight and is delivered through a personalized app so you can get the workouts you need, when you want them, without the limitations or expenses of the gym so you can get on with your busy day feeling more energized, relieved and more confident. (Value R2000)

2. Direct Messenger via the app: You will have access to your coach for questions, support, motivation, exercise critique, adjustments and more. Having accountability is the glue that holds everything together and my goal is to customize your accountability to fit your needs. (Value R250)

3. Progress Tracker: A system that is built into the app that allows you to store your body measurements, workout progress and photos. You can sync it to the app effortlessly through seamless integration with MyFitnessPal. (Value R250)

4. Habit Tracker: An integrated habit tracker is perfect to make sure you are on track of your goals, and that you are consistent with what you need to do. This is a visual representation of what you are doing or currently not doing and holds you accountable. Struggling to drink enough water or hold back on sugar is a thing of the past! (Value R250)

5. Coaching Videos: This is where it gets exciting! You will receive coaching videos to teach you how to get the most out of your training. Learn how to activate your core and glutes, how to create a sustainable, bulletproof motivational exercises and explanations on why you are doing something. (Value R1500)

Online Packages:



Access to the app, group chat, daily workouts using body weight, progress tracker PLUS bonuses. Investment of R500 /month



Access to the app, custom workout plan (3 sessions per week), custom nutrition plan, 24/7 direct messenger with your coach, habit and progress tracker, monthly zoom call PLUS bonuses.

Investment of R1500 /month



Access to the app, custom workout plan (unlimited sessions per week) 24/7 direct messenger with your coach, habit and progress tracker, custom nutrition plan, weekly zoom call PLUS bonuses.

Investment of R3000 /month




Bonus #1: Don’t know what to eat or how to eat without starving yourself or breaking the bank?

Solution - Belly Flat Manual (including supplement tips) and Cheat Sheet. Remove all the guesswork with this customized, easy-to-follow guide that will teach you how to plan your meal, what to eat, when to eat to get a flatter belly while still enjoying delicious, easy to prepare and affordable healthy food. Value – R500

Bonus #2: Need that extra bit of motivation and try something fresh and exciting?

Solution – Access to a recorded fitness class each and every week. Value – R600

Bonus #3: Strength is in community and healthy competition motivates men like nothing else!

Solution – private Facebook group to support each other, share ideas and express our fears/anxieties in a non-judgmental 

environment. Weekly advice and positive reinforcement in an online man cave. Value – Priceless

Bonus #4: No man is created equal and we all operate in our own unique way. Have specific questions?

Solution – VIP call for 1 hour via zoom.  Value – R300 (extra one on one calls charged at R300 per hour thereafter)


Every day is a choice. Don't wait for the perfect timing or allow those typical excuses to creep in. The time you spend on wishing and hoping for a better life will never come back. Instead, take action in the right direction, take your life back and become the light for your partner and family.

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